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Scientific name: Chiroptera

Common species: (in Northern California) Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat, Pallid Bat, Big Brown Bat, California Myotis, Hoary Bat, Silver-Haired Bat, Long-Eared Bat

Average size: Can range from 3-6 inches, with a wingspan of 7-16 inches (Varies by species)

Commonly found: Dark, secluded places such as attics, storage sheds, caves, trees

Diet: Most species are insectivores, some species eat fruit, and vampire bats feed on the blood of other animals

General characteristics and facts:

  • Bats communicate and travel using echolocation
  • They are slow to reproduce
  • More than 1/2 of bat species in the US are endangered or at serious risk of endangerment
  • Many bat species migrate south or hibernate in the winter
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