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Scientific name: Columba Livia

Average Weight: Range from 1-4 lbs

Commonly found: In urban areas, near buildings and parks, ledges and overhangs.

Diet: Wild pigeons eat seeds, grains, fruits, insects and worms. Feral pigeons in urban areas tend to be scavengers and will eat human food remnants in addition to their natural diet.

General characteristics and facts:

  • They are brownish or grey in color with dark grey markings on their wings, and dark grey heads with purple and/or green markings
  • Droppings from a single pigeon can add up to 25 lbs in one year
  • Pigeon droppings not only look unpleasing but they also can carry and spread diseases
  • Pigeons have a strong dependence on human populations for food and shelter
  • Pigeons coo to attract mates and greet their friends
  • They like to travel in large flocks
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