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What’s all the stink about?

Stink bugsStink Bug

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, originally from Asia, has quickly been spreading throughout the United States. Residents here in the North State are encountering these bugs more and more frequently as the bugs settle into homes for the approaching cold season. Since these pests are relatively new to the area, many people are unable to identify and get rid of them.

If you’ve been finding these Stink Bugs in your home, call Hunters Services (530)892-9771, we will get rid of them for you. 

Check out this article from KCRA news: “Stink Bugs cause problems for Sac residents, could damage crops”

In the meantime, here are some tips for handling these pests on your own:

  • Vacuum them up. They can fly but tend to crawl slowly along walls and windows, making it easy to suck them right into a vacuum.
  • Try to avoid squishing them as this can cause them to release a nasty odor – hence the name “Stink Bug.”
  • Keep doors to your home closed at all times
  • Make sure window screens are in place and free of cracks or holes.
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