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Scientific Name: Hymenoptera

Average Size: 1 inch

Common species: Paper wasps, hornets, Yellow-jackets

Commonly Found: In or near their nests, which they build in the ground or suspending from trees, overhangs, gutters, eaves, etc.

Diet: Insects, spiders, dead animals, fruit, nectar, human food.

General Characteristics and facts:

  • The most common colors are bright yellow with black, and all black. (Colors vary depending on species).
  • They have long slender bodies with very long legs and transparent wings.
  • They communicate through pheromones, and can emit a chemical when stinging, to signal other wasps to attack.
  • Threatened or dying wasps are more prone to sting.
  • Unlike bees, wasps can sting more than once.
  • Though painful and irritating, a common wasp sting is not poisonous or life-threatening.
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