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Pigeon, Bat & Wildlife Abatement

Who doesn’t love wildlife? But for the most part, it’s just not feasible to have them living in our homes!  If you’re having trouble getting rid of unwanted animals in your home, it’s time to call Hunters! We have trained and experienced trappers who know how to deal with all types of wildlife situations, and we take a humane approach when it comes to removing wild animals from the premises.Don’t wait until a wild animal damages or brings disease and germs into your home. If a wild animal has taken up residence in your home, call us right away to take care of the situation as soon as possible!

Our wildlife abatement service offers:

  • Safe and humane techniques
  • Multiple exclusion and repellent options
  • Sanitization of affected areas.
  • Animal proofing & repairs

raccoon-chickenwireAnimal Proofing (Exclusion Services):

If your home or outbuildings often become inhabited by Preventive maintenance can really make a difference, in order to keep animals that are around your property in the future from entering your home or building. We can animal proof your home. We target specific areas that animals use commonly to enter buildings such as soffits, chimneys, dormer roofs, and attic vents. Since we deal with animals entering homes on a daily basis, we know the areas that animals will attack to try to gain access to your home.

Wildlife is naturally attracted to our nice warm and dry home where they can be protected from the elements as we are.  For example, a raccoon would have no problem tearing chickenwire off any barrier if they want to get in. Raccoons and squirrels will also chew and tear holes open in your roof and eaves in order to get in. We at Hunters want to resolve not only your current animal problem, but prevent further occurrences as well. All of our exclusion and repair work carries a standard, one-year warranty, and longer warranties are available for certain types of work. The materials and methods we use for our damage repairs are specialized to keep animals out of your home and property.

  • Vent & Insulation Replacement
  • Wildlife Entry Hole Repair
  • Roof & Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Animal Nest Removal
  • Eave & Soffit Repairs

Wild animals can bring disease and sickness with them. No one wants to risk getting sick from a wild animal in their home. We provide disinfecting and sanitation services for your residence to assure that your family stays healthy after the animal is removed. After we ensure your home is free of any unwanted animals, we then sanitize the affected areas.



When bats enter your home, our experts are trained in removing them both successfully and humanely form the premises.

Because poison can affect your family if used on the bats, we make sure to remove the bats naturally, keeping your home safe from any chemicals. Don’t forget, bats help keep insects under control so we don’t want to kill them! They are a huge part of our Eco-system and it’s our job to remove them without harming them.  Bats grow their families fast, so if you suspect that there’s a bat in your home, there’s probably more than just one! Call us immediately to assure that these bats are safely removed from you home, and can’t get back in!



Pigeon control is very serious, as they carry many diseases and can cause harm to your home. Birds cause homes and business owners millions of dollars every year due to damages. They often nest inside eaves and gutters. Something as simple as pigeon droppings can cause pricey repairs so it’s important that you have any bird living in your home removed by us as soon as possible.  We can assure that they will be removed promptly and humanely, and we have many techniques and solutions to keep them from re-establishing their colonies.



Calls for raccoon removal are one of the most common calls we receive. Raccoons are very intelligent wild animals, and they can find their way into your home and garage with amazing ease! Because the raccoon population has grown vastly over the past few years, there has been more reports of raccoons entering populated areas.

Although raccoons are cute, they can be property owners worst nightmare when it comes to damage the property.  If you hear loud, heavy footed noises or foot steps in your attic, crawl space, or inside the ceiling of any room or area its probably a raccoon. Raccoons are nocturnal so it will be quiet all day and noises will begin around dusk.  They also tend to multiply quickly, so if you want to the damage costs early, call us today!


If an possum (also called opossum) decides to invade your home, you’ll usually find them in garbage pails, sheds or your garage. Although these animals are very shy and rarely cause harm, just like all of the other animals we remove, we make sure to use humane practices. They may look scary but these animals mean no harm. When you find an possum sharing your space, give us a call so our experts can deal with the wild animal.



Everyone knows about a skunk’s ability to spray a foul odor, which they use when they feel threatened. Because of this, removal of a skunk from your home or garage can be tricky.  If you suspect a skunk in your home, don’t mess around with the animal. Give us a call immediately to assure your home will not be damaged,and you don’t get sprayed.  We use humane practices to remove the skunk, and we can also treat any lingering odors as well. Don’t forget that skunks are nocturnal, so if you see a skunk during the day time, it could potentially be diseased with rabies.


Aside from birds, squirrels are the most common animal in the backyards of America so it’s no surprise when these nuisance animals make their home within yours. Squirrels will burrow under sheds, homes, businesses, porches, decks, crawlspaces and woodpiles and create a home. They will enter foundation openings to get to these spots or create a squirrel hole in the foundation themselves. Squirrels will fit into chimneys, roofing vents and eaves areas to have their young.  These locations are warm and often surrounded by food sources for both male and female squirrels, young and old. Female squirrels, in particular, enjoy the safety of human areas.  They must protect their babies from predators.

Attics, chimneys and crawlspaces are hot spots in your home where squirrels seek shelter. Some mothers go so far as to tuck their babies down into chimneys, wall cavities and attic insulation. Squirrels have even been known to live in dryer vents.  Once squirrels get cozy in your attic or walls, they can cause a lot of damage that can cost thousands of dollars to fix.  The entry points squirrels create can also potentially allow leaks to form and also enable other rodents, honeybees and insects to enter.



When it comes to dealing with snakes, don’t take your chances. Most people don’t know the difference between poisonous and non poisonous. We know how to trap these sly creatures, and get them back to their home safely. Snakes are also attracted to gardens, so if you spend time gardening and don’t like the company of snakes, we can help! Because the average person doesn’t know the correct way to catch a snake without getting bit, it’s best for us to safely and securely remove the snake from the premises for you.

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