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Roof & Gutter Cleaning

By entrusting our expert gutter cleaners to care for the essential part of your home’s drainage system, you can be certain that:

  • Your gutters will be cleaned properly using dedicated gutter cleaning equipment
  • By keeping your gutters clean, you’ll avoid costly gutter and roof repairs later
  • The job will be done without any risk for you or your family.
  • Clean gutters will protect your home from mold and water damage
  • You’ll be safer from termite, mosquito, and cockroach infestations

Why is it so important to have your roof & gutters cleaned?Gutter-bad

Clogged gutters aren’t just a nuisance – they can cause serious problems to the integrity of your home’s structure. The gutter system of a house is designed to move water down from the roof and away from the home and foundation to ensure proper drainage. Water that gets dammed up and unable to drain down the gutters drainpipes will find the path of least resistance – and this often means saturating into the walls and ceilings of your house – causing rot and damage that can be completely hidden for months if not years.

When gutters get filled to the brim with leaves, twigs and other debris, it then absorbs the rain water like a sponge and becomes extremely heavy. This burden puts stress on the gutters and their hanging brackets, and can slowly warp the gutters or even pull them off the house, leading to costly repairs.

Ice-damming is another major issue with clogged gutters. Blocked water can freeze when it backs up in the gutters, pushing up against the roof structure and working its way under the shingles destroying and rotting the wood, causing even more leaks.

Rot & damage from failed gutter

Rot & damage from failed gutter

Even flooded basements and cracking foundations are other symptoms of clogged gutters. If water isn’t drained away from the house and it pools around the foundation it will expand when frozen and cause cracks which can lead basement or crawl space flooding.

How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

It’s important to get your gutters cleaned regularly, but twice a year at minimum. The most important time to schedule this is at the beginning of winter, after the autumn leaves have fallen and before the really bad weather kicks in. This will reduce your chances of experiencing blocked guttering later on in the year, and gives you plenty of time to book in those vital gutter repairs before it gets too wet and windy.

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It’s also a good idea to do a gutter cleaning in the spring. Make sure that any large pieces of debris that have blown in over winter are removed, and check that all of the screws are tight and that no brackets are loose. Gutters can be damaged by heavy snow-fall and high winds, so it’s also wise to ensure everything is in order after a spell of particularly bad weather.

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