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Termite Inspections & Repair

Our structural pest control inspectors & applicators are licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB).  If you have signed up for regular pest service with us, limited annual termite inspections are included at no cost. Ask your service technician for more information.

We also offer full Termite Escrow Services which include:

  • 2-3 business day turn around for WDO reports
  • Photographs of all findings attached to every report
  • Discount for payment at the time of inspection

Our Limited Termite Inspection

One of our certified technicians will check the full exterior of your home for any evidence of wood-destroying pests, along with the subarea if requested.

Our Full WDO (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspection with Reports

For full inspections, our certified inspectors will visually inspect accessible areas  inside a home (including crawlspaces) and the exterior of the property. In areas where drywood termites are prevalent and in houses where there are no subfloor crawlspaces, the attic is also inspected. The average termite inspection takes about 1-2 hours.  Findings will be recorded on a pest control inspection report which will be provided.

Why and when do I need to get a termite inspection?

 State law does not require a termite inspection report before the sale of property. However, most if not all mortgage lenders do, to protect their investment.  Lenders are not responsible for conditions which develop or become visible after the inspection date.  For that reason, it is advisable for a buyer to get an inspection report as close as possible to the close of  escrow.  If you are selling a home, you can save time  by having your property inspected for pest damage just before you plan to put it on the market and making sure any problems are fixed.
It is not unusual for buyers include a termite contingency in their purchase contract, which allows them to withdraw from the transaction in the event of termite damage.

About the Inspection Reports

When Hunters Services is hired to do a pest inspection, we give the person who ordered the inspection a copy of the report upon completion, and the the home seller or real estate agent usually delivers copies of the inspection reports to the buyer.  If you have  questions about the reports, please contact us.

How can I tell if a house has been inspected?

Every time we make an inspection for wood-destroying pests, we post a tag in the attic, subarea or garage. The tag contains the inspection date along with any pesticides used.  We also note on an inspection report the location of the inspection tag as well as the presence of any other inspection tag or completion tag that is  less than two years old.  These reports are kept by us for a minimum of three years.  You can also search the Structural Pest Control Board Website to see if  a home has been inspected in the last two years.

What information in included in the inspection report?

Our report includes all findings of any wood-destroying insects (such as termites, carpenter ants or wood-boring beetles) or fungus. We will also note the resulting structural damage visible and accessible on the date of inspection. Also identified on the report are any conditions likely to lead to future wood-destroying pest infestations such as excessive moisture, earth-to-wood contact and faulty grade levels.  A diagram on the inspection report will show every part of the house checked for signs of infestation. (Outbuildings are usually not inspected unless requested.)  It is important that the inspector be informed of what structures you want inspected.  Our inspector will also note any recommendations for treatment or repair.

What areas are considered to be  inaccessible on the inspection report?

Inaccessible areas are those that cannot be inspected without opening the structure or removing the objects blocking the opening. The   most common are attics or subareas without adequate crawl space, slab foundations without openings to bathroom plumbing, floors covered by carpeting, and walls covered by cabinets or shelving.   Our pest inspector will list all inaccessible areas and the reasons they were not inspected.

Do all recommendations listed in an inspection report have to be completed before a home is sold?

There is no law requiring that the recommendations listed on a report be completed.  However, many financial institutions require that both the inspection and all recommendations be finished before escrow can close.   The lender usually requires certification from a pest control company that the structure is free of infestation or infection.  Whether the buyer or seller pays for the work depends on the sales contract. The buyer should be aware of any recommendations which have not been completed before escrow closes.   If you choose Hunters to also perform any needed structural repairs, we will complete a report describing work we completed and work we did not.

How long is an inspection report valid?

Under the law, inspection reports and completion notices are valid for two years.

Will you certify your inspection or your work?

We will give you certification of our inspection or work if requested by the person ordering the report.
Hunters will certify that either:
1)  The inspection disclosed no evidence of active infestation or infection by wood-destroying pests in the visible and accessible areas;
2)  The inspection disclosed active infestation or infection in visible and accessible areas that have been corrected; or
3)  The property is free of pest infestation or infection in the visible and accessible areas, except for specified areas.
When a structure is fumigated, the fumigation company will issue a certification of fumigation within five days after completing the fumigation.
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