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Tree Injections & Treatments

  • Vaccinate your trees against disease and pests
  • Keep fruit from breaking your ankles
  • Extensive experience with North State flora
  • Proven guaranteed results

Hunters offers safe & effective tree injection services, which is a very environmentally friendly and efficient way to fight pests, fungus, and nourish your trees with fertilizers.

Can you vaccinate our trees?

Why yes!  Trunk injection is a preemptive way to vaccinate your trees many different insect and disease problems, as well as nutrient deficiencies, in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Direct trunk injection safely delivers insecticides, fungicides, and nutrients into plants. Some trees are too large to spray, or located in areas near houses, parks, water courses, or other environmentally sensitive areas where spraying is not a viable option.

Benefits of Tree InjectionsGot Gumballs

Fruit Elimination: Many trees, such as sweet gums, shed spiky balls that can be a source of extreme annoyance, pain or even bodily injury.  Our spray can have the fruit production reduced by 70 to 90 percent. However, the timing of this spray is crucial. There is a short window of opportunity, usually 1-2 weeks in March or April. After the fruit sets in, spraying will not be effective. If you would like a free estimate for spraying your Sweet Gum trees please call or request an estimate through our web site.

Diseases & Pests: Some of the common insect, disease, and nutrient problems that can be treated by trunk injection include, but may not be limited to:

  • Anthracnose (fungus)
  • Crow Rot (fungus)
  • Aspen Canker (fungus)
  • Bronze Birch Borer (pest)
  • Elm Bark Beetle (pest)
  • Locust Borer (pest)
  • Ash/Lilac borer (pest)
  • Dutch Elm Disease (fungus)
  • Other micro nutrient deficiencies in many other types of trees (fertilizers)

Tree injections can also control pests such as aphids, borers, white flies, beetles, leafhoppers and thrips. Some of these insects, by boring into the leaves and stems, causing the trees to weep sap onto cars, walkways and driveways. This sap can be extremely difficult to clean off and can causes visible stains and even etch paint.

How are Tree injections done?

Tree injections allow the insecticides to be placed beneath the bark and into the tree’s water osmosis system, similar to a vaccination. The insecticide moves upward with the flow of osmosis into the sap, and becomes concentrated in the leaves and shoots. Tree injections can be done any time of the year but are most effective when done in the spring. The injections will usually remain effective through the entire growing season.

Our Service Guarantee

At Hunters Services we are extremely confident in the success of our tree injection service that we offer a one year guarantee against pests. Call today to schedule your appointment with one of our service specialists.

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